Feel the spirit of yoga and the balance of Tai Chi

the motion of swimming and the beauty of Ballet

all in one sense

Private GYROTONIC® Sessions


beyondmovement studio offers two pieces of specialized equipment, the Pulley Tower Combination Unit and the Jumping-Stretching Board.

The Pulley Tower Combination Unit allows users to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons while toning and articulating joints and connective tissues. Synchronized breathing patterns, engaged during the execution of the exercises, further enhance the overall effects on the body and mind. 

Jumping-Stretching Board exercise sequences are composed of full body, functional exercises, performed in a variety of body positions- kneeling, standing, lying and sitting. A diverse range of standing exercises improve flexibility, coordination, and functional strength. The ergonomic, gliding platform allows users to experience running, and jumping in a low impact, horizontal plane, with the spine and pelvis fully supported, making it ideal for post injury exercise.



Private GYROKINESIS® Sessions


GYROKINESIS® exercises allow one to work the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular, as well as all other joint articulation. This approach systematically and gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating motions. These movements also stimulate the body's internal organs while various corresponding breathing patterns are integrated along with the movements. The overall effect on the body and mind can be profound.