beyondmovement BASICS

The essential orientation of yoga as the essence of all Hatha Yoga practice is in the postures. Once the basic posture is learned, the form of the posture can be

deepened through continuous practice. Learn the fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) with clear instruction on body mechanics.

Develop an understanding of the body/mind/breath connection and how a committed practice is designed to increase strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing. 

Suitable for beginners and those who wish to get back to the basics. 60 mins.

beyondmovement OPEN

The energetic balance of body, mind and breath. This class focuses on alignment of postures designed for vitality in the body and equanimity in the mind.

In this open level class, Earline will build on postures (asanas), and breathwork (pranayama) with use of props guided by inspiration through yoga for all levels.

60 mins.

beyondmovement VINYASA

A warm dynamic flow aligning body with breath. Mindful sequences set with intention to create a powerful movement meditation. beyondmovement Vinyasa is a

signature class designed to make you sweat, strengthen and serve you with the virtues of wellbeing. Inspiration through yoga principles and adjustments are

integral to this class. Vinyasa means "to place in a special way" and is popularly called flow style of yoga. It has evolved from Ashtanga yoga over time and is based

on the energy of ‘surya namaskar’ (sun salutations) sequence. Earline will put her own spin on sequences, developing creative transitions of postures that work

energetically to bring balance to the body and ultimately to one's purpose.
Open to all levels.

60 mins.

beyondmovement CANDLELIGHT

Candlelit yoga designed for deep relaxation and radiant rejuvenation of body, mind and senses. Practice gentle postures sequenced mindfully to soothe the

muscles and ease the mind in preparation for relaxation and good rest accompanied by music. Suitable for all levels. The natural fluidity of a deeply nourishing

and reflective practice with longer held floor poses.  This class  may provide increased range of motion.  Suitable for all levels.

60 mins.